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    Quite possibly the best CBD oil we have ever made. This new oil, born in partnership with Sacred Rose, is an herbal tincture created to help with stress and keep you more grounded. Distilled and Super Purified, this 750mg broad spectrum, THC free CBD oil was derived from sweet cola buds and flavored with Peppermint. 
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    Evercure CBD

Nature's Flavor

Evercure Farms grows a specialized, high CBD strain of Cannabis Sativa L from all clones ensuring maximum yield and quality. Our extracts are derived from the hemp flowers only; no seeds, stems, or leaves. As a result, there is no need to mask our product with artificial flavors. Evercure CBD is bottled with its all natural, signature fruit flavored finish.

Customer Reviews

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Nadine Bonet
Tea ☕️

If you love peppermint tea (which I do it’s my favorite tea) then this would be the flavor for you! I Love all of the CBD oils which have helped with my sleep and anxiety. I even ordered a bottle of the cinnamon for my brother because he loves fireball. He ordered some CBD gummies and I told him to trash them because once he tries the oil he won’t want anything else.

Cynthia Skaggs
Sacred Rose - mint flavor

I’ve had trouble with stress for years. I’ve tried different meds from my doctor but they all seem to make me drowsy. This oil is the best thing I’ve tried. Really helps with my stress levels. Love both the cinnamon and mint flavors.