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    CBD Soap to soothe, relax and cleanse

    We are proud to offer our new CBD Soaps in partnership with Patchwork Farms. Created by the dynamic mother-daughter team, Regina & Gracie, you will feel an instant sense of relaxation as this soap soothes and moisturizes your skin while piquing your senses with a beautiful lemongrass aroma.

    Ingredients: Responsibly Sourced palm oil, distilled water, organic coconut oil, sodium hydroxide, hemp oil, organic cocoa butter, fragrance oil, Evercure CBD oil, kaolin clay.

    Scent: Lemongrass

  • Product Type:

    Vegan Soap

  • Strength:

    50 mg

Nature's Flavor

Evercure Farms grows a specialized, high CBD strain of Cannabis Sativa L from all clones ensuring maximum yield and quality. Our extracts are derived from the hemp flowers only; no seeds, stems, or leaves. As a result, there is no need to mask our product with artificial flavors. Evercure CBD is bottled with its all natural, signature fruit flavored finish.

Customer Reviews

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Katrina Chaney
Lemon double Grass CBD Soap

I love love love this soap. I use it in the mornings to wake up, and help start my day. Lemongrass scent is my go to for headaches, and this scent is mild and has a cooling effect that is amazing. Thank you Evercure and Patchwork Farms for this soap!