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Full Spectrum Oil

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    Our Evercure Farm Family produces Evercure CBD Oil in the limestone-rich, bluegrass region of Kentucky. ?Our Full Spectrum CBD Oil was derived exclusively from the flowers of our plants through an organic (non-CO2) ethanol extraction process. Each bottle contains 30 doses based on the equivalence of 30ml x 40mg = 1200mg CDB Extract. 40 mg strength CBD extract in every one milliliter of oil.

    Made exclusively from the flowers of our Kentucky grown RX Cherry hemp plants harvested in 2018. Full spectrum, all natural CBD oil with higher potency for maximum effectiveness

  • Strength:

    1200 mg

Nature's Flavor

Evercure Farms grows a specialized, high CBD strain of Cannabis Sativa L from all clones ensuring maximum yield and quality. Our extracts are derived from the hemp flowers only; no seeds, stems, or leaves. As a result, there is no need to mask our product with artificial flavors. Evercure CBD is bottled with its all natural, signature fruit flavored finish.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Ricky Bolin

helps with arthritis pain.

Tonnie Renfro
Love this product

Flavorful and smooth. Great quality and works well. Have used this CBD for several years and it is the best product I have used.

Susan Hiles
So much calmer

I first got your product from my son. He had gotten a sample from his workplace. I have a whiner dog. He whines constantly. We’ve even had him on Prozac. We got him off Prozac and started the Cbd oil. Good results. He was much calmer. I then tried another product as it was cheaper. No good. Committed myself to staying with your product.

Deborah Ludwick

My husband has had back and neck pain for 3+ years He started using this product and the following day he was pain free. 4 months later and he is still pain free

Merrill Smith
Helping me get off a benzo before bed

I've been using the full spectrum oil for about 6 weeks to help me get off a benzo I've been using for years before I go to bed. The oil is working really well as I scale back the benzo. I needed to experiment a bit with the dose to figure out the lowest amount of oil required to offset the reduced benzo at night. I am now almost at 50% reduced benzo at night, sleep throughout the night and don't wake up with the dreaded anxiety from reduced benzo. So grateful!