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Evercure Farms is actively seeking new businesses and people to partner with in expanding distribution while reaching more customers. Although both parties need to agree there is a good fit, the following is a general list of the qualities we look for in those we do business with:

‣ People that exhibit our core values
‣ Individuals that are incorporated and seasoned at operating businesses
‣ Use Evercure CBD products for their own benefit
‣ Those who value relationships and desire to do business with us, not just access high-quality CBD products at a lower wholesale price
‣ Individuals and Businesses that primarily serve the health, wellness, and lifestyle industries.

Schedule a farm visit or a personal meeting. If you are in another geographic region, we can set up a conference call or make travel plans. We will meet and walk through all aspects of the business.


Have an idea how you can incorporate CBD into your branded products?

Currently Evercure CBD is use in high quality Olive Oils, Topical Salves, and Distilled Spirits to grow other brands. We are always open to experimentation and collaboration. Let's put your next CBD product idea to the test.

Please contact Lyle Hysinger, Director of Research and Development at 1-502-741-7937 to discuss how we can make your CBD vision a reality.