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Our Process

Back to the Future

Evercure Farms is on a mission to re-establish Hemp as Kentucky’s number one cash crop.

Kentucky dominated the nation in hemp production during the 19th and 20th century, responsible for 75% of the total hemp output in the U.S. When hemp farming peaked in 1917, almost 18,000 acres were planted throughout the Bluegrass and later transformed into marketable products by Kentuckians. The Controlled Substance Act of 1970 abolished the taxation approach of the 1937 Marijuana Tax Act and effectively made all Cannabis cultivation illegal.

This completely silenced the Kentucky industry, which already declined due to the introduction of cheap synthetic fibers and tobacco raised as substitute crop.

Here We Grow

The Federal Agricultural Act of 2014 empowered Kentucky license holders with the State Department of Agriculture to grow hemp and conduct research.

This program has sparked a resurgence in production of nature’s healing leaf.

Since the program’s inception in Kentucky, the production is rapidly scaling up. In 2014, 33 acres were planted, 922 acres in 2015, 2,350 in 2016, and 3,200 acres in 2017. Last year, 400 fields were permitted for planting across 72 counties encompassing over 14,000 acres.

The 2019 grow season is simply unprecedented with 42,000 acres permitted across over 1,000 farms in Kentucky.

Kentucky was among the top three states leading the nation in hemp production in 2019.

Bluegrass Made

Evercure Farms is nestled in one of the 13 counties in Kentucky that collectively form the Bluegrass Region of Kentucky where 90% of hemp production historically existed in the State.

With the perfect variable climate and nutrient rich soil cast over an ancient sea bed of limestone, the Bluegrass Region is world renowned as the best place to grow high quality Cannabis.

As part of the original strain of high CBD, low THC cannabis brought to the state in 2014, we only plant all female clones in a high yield, yet sustainable production model. This results in the largest, fruitiest buds and farm aromas every September.

These sinsemilla flowers are among the highest valued hemp biomass sold in the market and the stickiest! Based on our farm recipe and grow methodology, we generate five times more CBD per acre than farmers growing European farm varieties in a mechanical row crop scale model.

Less is truly more when you are...Bluegrass Made.

Preperation is Key

Our Farm served as an organic vegetable farm for over 20 years. In 2019, we dedicated 100% of it to nature’s healing leaf…hemp. We have the richest cultivated soil in the bluegrass region. We groom it to perfection via the following steps that span 6-8 weeks every spring:

The Bottom-Plow: Cutting deep into the soil pulling nutrients up from 12-18” below the frost line, we put natures elements that have settled under the topsoil back on top.

The Disc: This process cuts the large waves of brown soil down into 2-4” nuggets of dirt and begins to convert the corduroy field to a smooth track

• The Roto-Tiller: The roto tiller churns the soil like a blender and pulverizes the nugget into fine earth that will crumble in the palm of your hand.

• The Wrap: Our specialized equipment forms rows of soil into a raised beds, while simultaneously wrapping the mounds in biodegradable soy based plastic mulch and laying a water conserving drip line for irrigation. This is the final step in preparing the soil for planting. Now packaged for perfection, we are ready to place the hemp bows on top.

Why EverCure CBD Oil?

At Evercure Farms we believe you get out what you put in. We start with the best genetics, soil and agricultural techniques. The end result is the highest quality hemp flower in Kentucky, if not the country.

Our high standards require we use only the flower in our premium CBD oil and products, no stalks, leaf or other material is mixed in.

The harvested flower is properly cured and stored, until ready to be processed. We only process and extract using a cold ethanol extraction; utilizing an organic ethanol at sub zero temps that preserves the taste, structure and compound ratios just like nature intended.

Evercure Farms further refines our product through another necessary step, using a process called winterization to further distill the oil into gorgeous gold you see in every one of our bottles.

Not all CBD products are alike. That's just one of the many reasons Evercure CBD oil is superior.

We proudly bottle our product in clear glass bottles with distinctive shape and a graduated dropper for accurate dosing. The way you can see the correct amount, as well as see the cleanliness and purity our premium oil offers.

Our 1ml droppers are marked in .25ml increments, so you can consistently take the right amount for you. For reference, a full dropper or 1ml of the 600mg (black top) is 20mg of CBD. 1ml of the 1200mg (white top) is 40mg of CBD.