Here at Evercure Farms we selected the rain flo 1600 water wheel transplanter to plant our high quality strains of hemp due its universal application. The rain flo 1600 water wheel transplanter is a great piece of equipment for planting hemp clones.

The water wheel transplanter is versatile allowing us to lay plants in covered raised beds and in subsoil conditions. We utilize 3 different wheels for planting, we use two wheels when planting in subsoil with a spacing of 36 inches between wheels and 36 inches between spikes located on wheels. The spikes puncture the ground four to five inches deep allowing hemp clones to be placed into ground gently and cover the roots mass with hydrated soil. When we plant on plastic raised beds we use a single wheel with a planting spacing of thirty four inches on center. The RainFlo 1600 also has two - eighty gallon water tanks that allow us to add nutrients and water to the plants as they are being planted. There are several options for the RainFlo 1600 water wheel transplanter that can be utilized for more efficient planting. We chose the four seat attachment when planting in subsoil conditions because this allows four riders to plant with minimal transplant loss at high speed. While planting we generally run our JD 6300 Tractor in A1 gear at idle RPM speed. When we plant on raised plastic beds we choose to utilize the two seat option due to single row planting. The RainFlo 1600 water wheel planter has racks on the unit to allow hemp clone flats to be readily accessible in front of the rider doing the planting. The racks are on a slight angle to allow plant flats to be removed and new flats to slide into place for efficient planting. At Evercure Farms we always look for ways to improve our processes. During the hot summer heat of June, we decided to add LED lighting to the underside of flat racks so we could plant into the night in the presence of cooler temperatures.

The RainFlo 1600 is a very nice addition to any hemp farm for planting due to the versatility of the unit allowing it to plant in subsoil conditions and raised plastic beds. The unit is very simple and not a maintenance monster since it only has a couple grease fitting for the track wheels and planting wheels. We alway evaluate the costs of production and we found the Rain Flo 1600 water wheel transplanter is optimal. Mechanical transplanters always need adjustments and replacement parts to operate properly thus causing expanded production cost. Evercure Farms focuses strictly on efficiency, quality, and innovative processes. We control our production costs so we can pass the savings onto the customer while producing the finest cbd products in Kentucky for superior effectiveness.

Evercure farms always looks forward to a new planting season. It's this time of the year that family and friends gather to plant our future.