Yep, its my week again to BLOG. This time I am writing from a 30,000 ft view, literally, flying into Denver, Colorado to catch our relay to my Dreamworld. My family and I are taking a trip to Alyeska in Alaska. The goal is to cross off a long sought after (or thought after) “to-do” on my dreams sheet: gazing upon the northern lights in conjunction with snowboarding a bad ass mountain. The journey in my mind began several years ago when I googled “best places to view the northern lights”. Actually, I think it began in 1996 while listening to Jimmy Hendrix and blowing smoke rings. I knew Iceland and many other exotic locations would pop up. However, when I saw Alyeska rank near the top in places to experience the NL in the USA, I knew this place was fit for my future. Ironically, my parents took a trip to Alaska five years ago. They did all the typical tourist stuff: helicopter ride over a glacier, train ride through the mountains, eagle and whale watching boat tour, AND they rode the aerial tram car at Alyeska. Little did they know I had been plotting to go to this place. My mom gave me a pamphlet for Alyeska that included the ski/snowboard trail map. She also showed me beautiful pictures she snapped during the tram ride up the mountain and commented on how steep the mountain was at the top. In fact, Alyeska is known for being “steep and deep” with the longest double black diamond run in North America and the most snowfall. I checked the app last night so far this season, 662” of snow has fallen on the mountain. That’s some serious POW!!! When you travel, its typical to plot out a couple things you want “to do”. This trip I called The Herbal Cache ( and set up an appointment with Jake to discuss Evercure CBD. After reading their mission statement: ” STRIVING TO BE THE BEST POT SHOP IN ALASKA, BY PROVIDING QUALITY PRODUCTS AND CUSTOMER SERVICE; AS WELL AS CONTRIBUTING TOWARDS A HEALTHY COMMUNITY. ”

I had a hunch The Herbal Cache may be a good fit to distribute Evercure CBD. Check our Partner Criteria and see if you may be a good fit ? One of my favorite things to do when traveling and asked about things I like to do back home is telling our Evercure Story: How we grow the finest strains of hemp in Kentucky, harvest the sweetest flowers by hand, cure it naturally, organically extract the compounds in the buds only, and put it in a bottle…it’s that simple, almost. On March 29th after I went “all-in” and shredded the “Christmas Chute” Double Black Diamond run on the North Face of the mountain, I was riding a high and took this level of energy to The Herbal Cache. When I walked in Jake greeted me kindly and introduced me to the owner, Brent. We were all masked up due to COVID restrictions, but I could tell from their eyes Brent and Jake were some young bucks, no strangers to making things happen. We discussed what’s in their cabinets and I flipped through my book of pictures, lab reports, spreadsheets, and legal info representing all the know-how, love, and spirit that goes into our Evercure CBD products. Brent and Jake sampled the 1200 and 900mg tinctures and experienced the flower finish. Brent recognized our teams were on the same wave-length and he was not going to turn me or our Kentucky Proud Products away.

After a 20 minute vetting process at the counter and many laughs, I bought some gummies and Brent bought out the whole bag of Evercure stock I brought in my suitcase. They are putting us on the shelves in Girdwood, a hidden gem of an American frontier town at the base of an Epic Snowboard mountain. Beside the heart of America, Kentucky. Now we are sold in Hawaii and Alaska, the 49th and 50th states in our great country. Fitting that our products are available on the fringe, where we are comfortable operating and innovating. If you ever want an EPIC ski or snowboard trip, you must make it to Alyeska in Alaska ( The people, places, snow, and scenery is absolutely incredible. Now the world can find Evercure CBD slope side one of the finest alpine mountains in the world. Checkout a few of my pictures from the Trip.

Can you see why we will be back to visit Alyeska and The Herbal Cache? When you go, please visit The Herbal Cache to pick up our Kentucky Fine, Bluegrass Made CBD products or The Cache’s high-quality selection of other Cannabis derived products. We are grateful for our new friends in Alaska.