When we decided to take some of our high quality hemp flowers and turn them into a finished product we researched the market. At that time back in 2018, the most widely used bottles were boston round amber bottles. These bottles were one ounce in size and super cheap to buy. As you may know the glass is tinted in these round bottles so you can not see the color or contents of the bottle at all. Knowing that we were going to bottle an illustrious golden distillate rather than a dirty raw extract we wanted consumers to see the quality of our Evercure CBD oil. We also decided it was important to provide our customers with a graduated or calibrated dropper showing exact milliliters (.25, .50, .75, and 1ml) for consistency in dosing. Tinted bottles hide the ability to see the oil and the dropper/pipet in the bottle.

It is true that solar radiation (sun light) causes the CBD oil to change color. This takes place because the organics in the carrier coconut oil or plant compounds suspended in the CBD oil will brown just like your skin when exposed to light. This will make the oil “rose” or gradually turn a reddish color. The efficacy of the oil arguably remains the same, but the color change throws people off.

Given that most people store their CBD in a pantry, refrigerator, or room free of direct sunlight, we decided the benefits of providing customers a transparent bottle outweigh the risk of light degrading or tanning of the oil. Our clear, square bottles provide our customers with peace of mind that the full spectrum CBD they take is the highest quality in the market.

The following article provides more details on various extraction methods and the impact different processes have on the color of the CBD oil. https://www.cannainsider.com/reviews/cbd-oil-color/

This canninsider article also contains a useful dosage guide that mirrors the matrix we provide to Evercure customers originally sourced from Leafy.com.