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Over the years, we have fielded many questions about our products. “How much should I take?”, “Is this safe for my child?”, and more often than you would believe, “Will this get me high?”

        We love answering all of your questions! Today we want to focus on one question we get almost more than any other: “What makes Evercure CBD so effective?” Usually, this question comes from someone who switched to Evercure CBD after trying other brands with little or no success. While it seems like a simple question and can be answered with an equally simple response; a full and complete answer requires a little more time to explain. It is also an open-ended question that begs a comparison between our products and everything else out there. No matter how much time we have to talk about it (and we could talk all day, ask anyone), the answer we give is always the same.

        Let’s be honest, there are an overwhelming amount of CBD products and companies on the market. Many are produced by small family businesses and farms, just like ours. Many are not. Some products may even contain hemp and products from outside the United States.

        Regardless of whether you buy Evercure CBD (we hope you do) or another product, there are 5 things to look for and be mindful of when making decisions about your CBD. Don’t worry! It isn’t hard to learn, just remember what we like to call “The 5 P’s”. You may have heard the old saying “Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance”. My brother and I heard this many times from our Dad and it still guides us to this day in everything we do. In most things in life, applying a little bit of forethought and organization can keep mistakes and unforeseen problems from popping up at the worst possible moment. Taking a page from the Dad’s book, we can adapt this universal lesson to CBD products and hemp farming to help highlight the differences between a quality product and the rest of the junk out there.


Not all CBD and hemp products are created equal. A slick marketing campaign and a huge budget do not guarantee that the product in your hands is the best product for your needs, or that it is even effective at all. Since we began this journey 5 years ago, Evercure Farms has always prioritized creating the highest quality product we possibly could over anything else, period. That belief has governed everything we have done since, and we believe it shines through in the tinctures, topicals and balms we are proud to offer. It is all due to the 5 P’s of Hemp.

        “What are these 5 P’s of Hemp?” you say. “Tell us more!” Let’s get right down to business then. The 5 P’s of Hemp you should be looking for are:

         People, Plants, Process, Passion, and Place. Follow along with me and I’ll break down the answer to “What Makes Evercure CBD So Effective?” for you.


 Whenever I am considering doing business, one of the first things I look at are the people involved in the company. I prefer to support small business whenever possible, especially businesses local to me. This supports local families and communities, giving back in a way that usually doesn’t cost more, but even when it does, I am prepared to pay a bit more to help keep my neighbors’ doors open.

         Evercure Farms and Evercure CBD products are lovingly created and crafted by us on our small farm in Kentucky. We are actually four families; four old friends who a few years back were looking for a way to turn a love for a plant and its healing gifts into a business we can all be proud to have our name on. Our wives, kids, friends, and neighbors have all jumped in to help us at one time or another, but especially at planting and harvest time. People can make or break any business, and we have been extraordinarily blessed with supportive family and friends. To say we would not be here without them is no understatement! If the lifeblood of a company is its people, then we are one of the healthiest companies on the planet!

When it comes to Evercure Farms and our line of Evercure CBD products, you can meet your farmers, see the plants from start to finish, and even participate in the process sometimes! (Feel free to reach out to us to arrange a visit! Bring your farm clothes and a can-do attitude!) One of our favorite parts of the season is operating our stall at the local farmers market, where we first began selling our very first product, the Evercure CBD 600mg Full Spectrum Tincture. Hosting a stall at the market gives us a chance to meet our customers, answer any questions or concerns they may have, and helps support the local community at the same time!

        Despite being stocked in over 35 small businesses around us, we still insist on being there every Saturday morning because that is where we started. What you see is what you get with us.

        Some hemp farms are just like ours, but most are not. The hemp industry has attracted all manner of individual and company due to the boom and potential financial gains it has created. Many of those are larger corporations looking to cash in on the boom. How many of those companies can even tell you the name of the farmers who grew the hemp used in their products? Very, very few. How many of those companies even grow any of their own hemp at all? The answers might surprise you. A company can have good intentions, but if the people behind it are in it for the wrong reasons, none of it matters. You may not get what you pay for, or maybe worse, get something you did not.


 Plants are the next thing to look at when making an informed decision about CBD and hemp products. Just like you and I, the genetics of the hemp plant determine nearly everything the plant does. Also referred to as the strain, the genetics control how the plant grows and what it can do; from CBD/THC content, height, yield, disease/ pest resistance, and much, much more. A plant’s family tree (see what I did there?) has just as much influence on how it will look as it does with us.

        We carefully select our genetics to provide consistent and predictable results, while also maximizing the amount of CBD the flower contains. There is a lot more to it than just CBD content, however. The plant must possess a strong stalk to resist wind damage, have strong natural defenses against most pests and disease, and develop the large, dense buds which are the only part of the plant used for extraction purposes. (Save the emails and letters, we don’t waste anything. The stalks, leaves and root materials are utilized elsewhere but not in our finished products.)

        The CBD/THC content ratio is something we watch very closely. Using historical data from previous crops, we can estimate with good accuracy the amount of CBD and THC the plant will produce. The ratio is primarily determined by genetics, but outside factors and stress can alter the ratio somewhat. For that reason, we use a third-party independent laboratory to test samples of the bud as early as one week after flowering has begun. This gives us a bit more advance warning if the plant starts to show signs of “going hot” or exceeding the legal limit for THC content.

       Additionally, the strain must offer a good variety of terpenes, which are naturally occurring compounds in plants that give flavors and aromas to the plant. More importantly, terpenes help the CBD work more effectively with your endocannabinoid system. Terpenes are nothing new, though. You probably had no idea, but many of the products around your house contain terpenes. Used for product flavorings, adding scents to products, and even used to boost the effect of other compounds, terpenes are all around us, but often overlooked.

      Evercure CBD is unique in the fact that we do not have to add terpenes to our product to change or alter the taste and aroma. How? Why? Read on and I’ll explain.


If your hemp product has passed the first two tests, the third factor separates the real products from the pretenders. From Day One, Evercure CBD has always used a rather special method to gently extract and distill our hemp, using ethanol made from organic, US grown sugar cane. Ethanol is a form of alcohol which occurs naturally. It’s also the stuff that makes you dance, romance and sometimes lose your pants. (I’m looking at you, tequila!) We don’t drink ours, mostly because it’s probably awful, plus the lab people throw stuff at us and tell us to get lost. So, we do the next best thing, which is to chill it to -70° C/ -94° F and dunk our hemp in it. This is called “cold ethanol extraction” and it’s actually much more detailed than it sounds.

       I got a little ahead of myself though. There are some crucial steps that must happen before the hemp ever sees its first drop of booze. In general terms, the process goes like this:

       At harvest time, the plants are cut and collected in the fields, with each strain being harvested separately to prevent accidentally mixing the product. There is good reason for this. Primarily, we want to avoid any comingling of strains so that in the event one genetic goes hot, the rest of the harvest can be processed without issue. The plants are then hung in the drying barn to cure for a minimum of two weeks. Conditions such as airflow, temperature, and humidity are closely monitored to prevent mold and other nasty issues.

       Once fully cured, the plants are hand stripped into large, humidity-controlled storage bags called Super Saks and stored until ready for processing. Each Super Sak can hold up to 200 pounds of stripped buds!

       The bags of flower are then machine milled until the texture of the hemp is like a coarse sawdust, but not quite a powder. That milled hemp is put into fine mesh bags, and then submerged into the chilled ethanol for a specific time. This allows all of the plant compounds to be gently extracted in the same ratio’s nature intended, creating a product referred to as crude oil. Other hemp brands use harmful solvents like butane or CO2 at extreme temperatures and pressure to strip the plant material of all its gifts, forever altering the ratios and flavors Mother Nature created. To make a useable product, they must add artificial terpenes and CBD back in. Not Evercure CBD.

       Some other brands are satisfied to stop there, but again, not us. We take the extract and go a step further, distilling the crude oil to get the finished product exactly right. During this step, the waxes and heavy lipids are removed, leaving behind only the clean, smooth, golden oil that goes into every Evercure CBD product.


Some things are easy to see, and hard to fake. Passion, the fourth on our list, is just that. It’s easy to see if someone is passionate about something, whether it be a career, a relationship, or something else. A person’s passion shines through in what they do. It is clear and evident in their actions, their sense of purpose.

       While passion is easy to see, it is hard to fake. Don’t confuse enthusiasm with passion. At a glance, the two can appear alike. But after a closer look, the passion always stands out. Many people in this business are enthusiastic about one thing or another, but mostly about selling their product. They sure can “Talk the Talk”, but when it comes down to it, that’s about all they can do. Passion means you “Walk the Walk”, too. To me, a person who is passionate about something is both vocal about it and demonstrates their commitment through their actions. Passionate people both “Walk the Walk AND Talk the Talk”.

       At Evercure Farms, our Passion shines through in our commitment to excellence in every aspect of what we do. It is evident in our dedication to educating folks on what CBD and hemp can do for the world, as well as what it can do for someone like you. Our passion is unmistakable in our People, Plants, and our Process. It all comes together in one incredibly special Place.


The Power of Place. You’ve probably heard that phrase. It can mean different things to different folks. For us, it’s the sense of pride looking across our land at what we have accomplished, and the sense of excitement of great things to come. It is our connection to the land; the energy and power it has. It is our plants starting in the spring, our cultivation throughout the hot summer months, our harvest in the fall. There is a tangible energy when walking amongst row upon row of growing, thriving plants that defies description. It must be felt.

       Before we were blessed with this farm a few years ago, it was an organic produce farm for over 30 years. The land is clean, the soil pristine. There were never any inorganic or chemical pesticides or herbicides used here, and that means everything to us. All cannabis plants do an amazing job of cleaning the soil of contaminants, which is good for the planet. It’s not so great for you though, when it makes it from the plants and into your body. Nobody wants glyphosate or some other filth in their medicine, so its important to make sure the land and soil the plants are grown in is clean and free of impurities and toxins.

       How can you find out? A third-party lab test of the product you are considering is the first thing to ask for. We post ours on our webpage to show that we have nothing to hide and to make sure they are easy to find for you to reference. If you have any questions about the lab reports you see, please contact us. We are happy to answer them for you!


 So, What Makes Evercure CBD So Effective? The answer is simply, everything. All of us here at Evercure Farms share the same vision of what our products must be on using only the finest Kentucky grown hemp flower, grown by us using organic, and sustainable methods on our farm that means so much to us. Like all the best things you love, the details are what matter.

        The little things that make all the difference are in fact, not so little at all. People, Plants, Process, Passion and Place. They’re everything. a hand holding a bottle of CBD oil in front of a hemp plant