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What Is Your “Why?” - Lyle’s Story

With the crazy pace of everyday life, it can be easy to lose your place sometimes. I’m not talking about walking into a room and forgetting why, that happens to everyone. What I mean is losing sight of your bigger purpose for something. Your “Why?”, as in why are we committed to making Evercure CBD a success?

While I never truly forget my why, it can drift from my conscious thoughts into the background. It is always there, however. I never have to look very far to be reminded what it is that started me on this journey and why I continue down this path. My “Why?” is my son.

My path to hemp farming and production was anything but linear. My background is in real estate and construction, and later the automotive industry. Sometime in 2015, my brother and I were approached by a old friend who proposed joining Kentucky’s Hemp Pilot Program, which was still in its infancy. It wasn’t until 2016 that things began to come together, and we planted our first crop in 2017.

During that time, my son was struggling with anxiety. We saw a child psychologist at his school’s suggestion, but after a single visit the therapist suggested an antidepressant. We felt that was very premature, seeing as how the psychologist had no time to really get to know our son. So, our search for alternatives began.

We had considered CBD as a treatment before seeing the therapist, but our unfamiliarity with it and any potential side effects kept us from actually trying it. We found ourselves revisiting CBD as a potential treatment due to our reluctance to put our son on an antidepressant. I picked up a bottle of locally grown CBD on a Friday with a spark of hope that it might help our boy get through his school day a little easier the following week. He took his first dose that evening, then every morning for the next 3 days. On Tuesday, his teacher sent an email asking that whatever we had done to help, keep it up! She could tell a difference in his mood and attention span after just a few days of treatment!

This seemed like a huge breakthrough for all of us, but especially for him. When your child asks for their medicine, you know that they can feel it working. After getting into a routine, he rarely forgot to take it. It was relief to see his anxiety fade away on all but the worst days. As parents, there is no worse feeling than that of helplessness when trying to find a solution to your child’s problems. We felt like the only solution being presented to us were pharmaceuticals, and we felt that was not the right choice for him at that time. Thankfully, we found help in CBD.


Our positive experience with CBD caused us to shift our focus for the 2017 crop. While we originally intended to sell our crop to a processor, we now looked at creating our own brand of CBD oil so that we could help others find relief. We felt that we could produce a small, artisan-quality line of CBD products right here in Kentucky, and do it as well or better than anyone out there. We would not compromise on the ingredients or anything else that mattered. We chose a distinct bottle design, with clear glass to show off our clean, clear distillate, unlike our competition. High quality, precision graduated droppers are provided for accurate dosing. QR codes on every bottle link directly to independent lab tests of our products, showing the verified potency and that they are free of contaminants. That dedication to excellence has never changed.


Our son still takes his CBD daily, and our mission to bring the healing powers of this plant to the rest of the world continues. We hope you’ll join us!