In general, broad spectrum CBD oils contain up to three major cannabinoids found in hemp plants, while full spectrum oils contain five or more. The process of removing the THC from a full spectrum distillate may leave traces of THC. However, any trace that remains is less than 0.10 percent and 99.99% NON-DETECTABLE by conventional lab equipment. As a result of THC levels being minuscule, the industry references such products as “THC Free”. Evercure products are third party lab tested for integrity. Please visit the resource page on to reference these lab reports.

How was it made? Our Evercure CBD 900mg Broad Spectrum Oil was made from 250 lbs of the sweetest cola buds grown on our family farm in Kentucky. The buds were naturally cured four months in the barn, hand stripped, and then extracted via a cryo-ethanol process. The crude extract was distilled into an illustrious gold full spectrum distillate containing a CBD concentration of 75-80%. This distillate then went through a two-step process to transform it into broad spectrum: 1) crystallization via pentane winterization to create rocks of 100% CBD isolate 2) residual distillate went through a falling film evaporator to break out the cannabidiol compounds into 5 separate fractions (honey buckets). The third and fourth fractions containing THC were removed and the remaining fractions blended together with the crystallized isolate from step one. The result is a super clean, symmetrical broad spectrum CBD oil made with 94% CBD distillate containing less than 0.10% THC. It expresses only a hint of nature’s flavor in the finish. All better? Yes! Kentucky Fine. Bluegrass Made.