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What are you Doing for Black Friday?

What are you Doing for Black Friday?

Many people look forward to the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday!  This is not a day to explore critical race theory, it’s the day that Retailers sell so much stuff that it determines if they end up in the “black” making a profit rather than losing money in the “red”.  Retailers use this day to officially kick off the holiday shopping season with incredible deals that lure shoppers into stores with long lines before the sun comes up.  Black Friday deals were never enough to motivate me to awake from my Turkey coma, I’m not a morning person.  That said, I benefited from Black Friday discounts via my wife’s shopping habits that are robust on this day.

This year I am going to spend Black Friday driving three hours to visit relatives for Thanksgiving after Thanksgiving, Round 3 to be exact.  Black Friday is a reminder of the marketing power of Robert Cialdini’s 6 Principles of Persuasion he touches on in his book: Influence: The Science of Persuasion.

            Principle    Example

  • Scarcity – Black Friday is a one-day sale, get it now OR miss out
  • Social Proof – 8 of 10 American households shop on Black Friday to get the best deals.
  • Reciprocity – Coupon Books are mailed with free gifts to redeem if you show up on Black Friday
  • Liking – Brands you like will send you the best deals based on your expressed interest on social media, email lists, or other data collection efforts
  • Authority – Media Influencers will be the messengers of the best deals. Slogans such as “Dr recommended” to play on titles and leaders of categories
  • Consistency – Many times retailers will short stock high demand items and then use your promise to your kids for a certain special Christmas item to follow up with an offer to purchase after the holiday season so you can fulfil your commitment. Consistency is a character attribute we generally want to pass to the next generation.

Source: https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/the-science-of-persuasion/

These laws or principles are woven into the fabric of the most successful sales strategies and messages. Why? Because it plays on our human psychology and they work.

The real question a person needs to ask themselves before buying, “Do I really need this?”. 

This is one question you should put to the test with Evercure CBD.  We have family and friends who take Evercure to treat seizures, joint pain, inflammation, muscle cramping, anxiety, and insomnia to name a few.  I believe the many satisfied customers we have are the answer to this question. You see, CBD binds with receptors in the endocannabinoid system to create internal balance and relief from what ails it. 

Personally, I take 20-30mgs of Evercure broad spectrum CBD oil every night. As a direct result, I sleep much better.   Prior to taking Evercure CBD regularly my mind would turn on in the early morning hours and not allow me to go back to sleep. I no longer have this problem.  If you want to give Evercure CBD a try, stay tuned for our Black Friday deals and discount offering through this holiday season. -TH