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Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving traditions are funny because they seem so different between families. Some families get up and go for a Turkey Trot run, some sleep in, some prepare for Black Friday and some are just, well, hungover from too much family fun. The one thing that is a constant though is spending time with family – that is the single goal of the holiday season.

We all love to see our relatives and family members after a long respite, but let’s be honest, it can be stressful. And, if you have a spouse, partner or significant other, the eating, drinking and playing can become too much and a scheduling nightmare. The stress of the holidays can lead people to over-indulge on all fronts resulting in a not so fun day (or two) after.

My new tradition to kick-off the holiday season will be to take Evercure CBD Oil each day to keep me calm, relaxed, and able to have fun. Bonus – this type of relaxation does not come with a hangover the next day!


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