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Let's start this story off just like every other story, once upon a time nah just kiddin. Now that's over lets begin. This is my story. My name is Mike and I am pleased for you to be reading this. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am one of the proud owners of EVERCURE farms located in the great state of Kentucky. I have achieved lots of goals in my life including ASE master technician status, MAZDA master technician, shop owner, etc. I am married to my lovely wife of 23 yrs with two awesome sons. My wife and I met at work in 1997 where on our first date I asked for her hand in marriage and two weeks later we were married. Crazy story right but wait till you hear what comes next.


While I was out of town working I received a phone call from a friend of fifteen plus years and asked if we could have a meeting once I returned to town. I asked what was the purpose of this meeting and all he said was hemp. So this is where my mind starts to run and I being out of town for work makes this much worse, hemp what does he mean hemp. So with down time I start to research hemp and as all individuals I see tall stalk plants that were grown for fiber uses, this goes on for two weeks while stuck out of town working. Finally work was completed and I was able to schedule a meeting with Lyle, Lee, and Todd to discuss this hemp thing that has been on my mind. Now this is where all the fun begins, once in the room with all partners i asked the question what can we do with hemp. That's where I was introduced to the cannabis sativa L plant, high grade CBD enriched for medicinal use. Now I can see what my friend had called me about. It was at this moment that I realized I could change people's lives one plant at a time. So the process began to set up EVERCURE farms to do exactly that.

We planted our first grow together as a team to start the process. We planted ten thousand clones by hand and when I mean by hand I mean by hand with the help of family and friend’s. With this process completed we started doing research on extraction of CBD from the flower and found the process that was going to be the best for us was going to be sugarcane based ethanol because it is considered organic. With plants grown and harvested we processed our flower and produced the finest CBD oil on market. With that said I am the guy on our team that maintains the farm equipment and gets things ready for the beginning of the planting season. Our farm consists of several growing fields and a newly redone greenhouse that we used to produce clones for the planting season. When this journey in my life began I had no idea how many lives we could change by planting, harvesting, and extracting CBD oil. I can honestly say that this has been the most rewarding experience I have had outside of my wife and children. There is nothing like hearing the stories from your client’s saying how much your product has changed their lives, able to sleep better, loss of anxiety, no more inflammation wow what a feeling. With that being said I personally want to thank each and everyone for taking the time to read this and remember we grow to change lives one plant at a time.