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Our Vision is to own and operate the premier hemp/cannabis research center in the US with a flare for Kentucky culture that honors our Heritage. Last week when we hosted Sullivan University we felt how meaningful this destination is to all of us at Evercure Farms. We continue to grow and innovate, just as Sullivan University is doing with their new Cannabusiness Studies Certificate Course (https://www.sullivan.edu/programs/cannabusiness-studies-certificate).

This year we planted our Hawaiian Haze May 8th. and excited to have a long vegetative grow period. Little did we know this strain would begin to flower in June rather than August as did the four previous strains we grew. This means our plants are going to yield much less than we expected since they are already committed to flowering. As the plants transition to flower they elongate, but their energy goes to producing our signature sticky icky cannabinoids and not long gaining plant scale. This early flower cycle turned out to be a blessing for the Sullivan retreat. Since we have the T1 growing also, visitors got to experience the plant its two separate phases: the emerald T1 still vegging and the Hawaiian yellowing out in flower.

To enhance the educational experience, Mr. Bobby Deibel, Owner of Deibels Greenhouses, joined us to discuss how the mother plants and cuttings are produced here in Kentucky. Bobby is an expert at starting hemp; producing healthy clones for field plantings. This year he produced three different strains. We passed on the Rx Cherry and went with the skunky T1 and fringy Hawaiian Haze. Both are varieties of concern on the Kentucky Department of Agriculture plant list. This means they have tested over the THC limits and growers are not allowed to sell them in interstate commerce. It also means that we as Farmers need to be very diligent and monitor the flowering phase. Typically, these varieties should flower for no more than 6 to 7 weeks to avoid the risk of the buds ripening beyond .399, Kentucky legal limit for THC tested in the plants. If the plants test over this level the farmers can pay $250 to the State for a retest. If the second sample still tests over then all the plant material is destroyed. Hence, varieties of concern push the envelope. Is it worth the risk? Yes, these strains are the sweetest varieties with the highest terpene levels, which create delicious bud lover, all-natural CBD oils.

Mr. John Garey drove up from Nature’s Rhythm (https://www.naturesrhythmky.com/) in Paris, Kentucky. John is primarily responsible for extracting the compounds in our flowers for use in our Evercure CBD Finished products. John provided an overview of the cold ethanol extraction method contrasted with CO2 extraction. Our Evercure CBD products are Artisan, hand-crafted: Kentucky Fine, Bluegrass Made. The cold ethanol extraction process yields only 15-25% as much as CO2. We prefer the lower throughput to maintain the symmetry of the cannabis compounds in the extract so the full spectrum oil is the highest quality. Once this extract is distilled to improve purity and potency (distillation increase the crude oil from 50-60% CBD potency up to 73-76% CBD and removes impurities), nature’s flavor remains intact with the smell and flavor consistent with the plant flower. CO2 breaks down the compounds in phases at different pressures. This destroys the natural symmetry of the compounds, changing its flavor.

In closing, It was great having our friends from Sullivan University visit. If you are interested in learned about Cannabusiness, please consider the Sullivan program. Sullivan is the largest private University in Kentucky because they consistently deliver high quality education.

We look forward to the next Summer event for the Evercure team! The Butt Drugs Rear End Rod show and picnic is just around the corner on August 21th (https://www.thisisindiana.org/event/rear-end-rod-show-at-butt-drugs/). We hope to see you there so you can try some freshly brewed Budtopia Hemp Tea on us!!!