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Today we will talk about the tractors and the implements we use here at EVERCURE farms. We use a variety of equipment from the use of push mowers up to our largest tractor the John Deere 6300 row crop tractor. Every piece of equipment is versatile to the operation of the farm from keeping the grounds cut and weeded to bottom plowing the fields in the fall, We at EVERCURE farms thought it would be a good idea to discuss the equipment and give a little bit of information on what it takes to maintain and be ready for farming season.

I will start off with our smallest to the largest equipment in our fleet so let's get ready to meet the family. First on the list is the trusty 20 inch push mower power by a Honda engine. It is self propelled with a bagger. Next will be the Snapper 28 inch riding mower powered by a Brigg and Stratton engine. This unit is great for mowing in between the rows of hemp due to its size and maneuverability. Next will be the BCS tiller/sickle bar also powered by a Briggs and Stratton engine. The BCS is one of the most versatile tools on any farm as it can be converted to many uses. The unit we have has a rear 18 inch tiller attachment and a 24 inch sickle bar for the front. This sickle bar is great for brush clearing and the tiller is great to retill between the rows if necessary. Now for cutting the main grass we use a John Deere Z425 zero turn. The Z425 uses a Kawasaki engine for power.

Now we will talk about some more of the fun things on the farm and their uses. We have three different farm utility vehicles: a Polaris 6x6, Cub Cadet 6x6. And a John Deere Gator. The use of these vehicles is enormous around the farm from stick pick up to delivering clones of hemp to the fields. We use these units all the time to haul tools, coolers, weed eaters, gas, ect. and found they are almost irreplaceable. We have two International Harvester Farmall tractors that we use for cultivating rows in between the hemp. One of the Farmall tractors is a Super A and the other is a cub. Both of these tractors are from the nineteen forties and fifties and let me tell you they don't make them like they used to. We were able to acquire these babies when we moved to our new farm and they are life savers. When we planted sixty thousand plants these tractors allowed rows to be maintained with minimal human efforts. We have added umbrella mounts so we can install golf umbrellas during those hot summer days.

Now we will move onto the muscles of the farm consisting of the John Deere 5520 and the John Deere 6300 row crop tractors. The John Deere 5520 is a 4WD loader style tractor that we have many uses for including laying plastic film with the Rainflo 2600 for hemp beds, bush hogging, moving dirt piles, and grading the driveway. The John Deere 6300 row crop tractor is used for plowing in the fall, discing in the spring, and planting in spring using the Rainflo 1600 water wheel transplanter. At the farm we have a variety of implements including two tractor mount tillers, bush hogging mover, four row bottom plow, ten foot disc harrow, chain harrow, fertilizer spreader, water pumps, water storage tanks, plastic mulch laying machine, mulch lifter, hemp transplanter, ripper shank, etc. With all of that being said these things require maintenance every month and yearly to keep your equipment running when you need it, there's nothing worse than needing something done and equipment not working properly. At the end of every season we take the time to maintain the fleet for winter so all is ready when spring time rolls around. We change oil and filters on all units, check fluid levels and grease all moving components and sharpen blades on mowers. The farm also has a 2001 Chevrolet Silverado that we use as a farm truck and believe me it is a farm truck. It has a 100 gallon diesel fuel tank and 12 gpm pump in the bed to fill tractors in the field. We use this truck to also get mulch for landscaping around the farm and getting supplies for the farm.

At EVERCURE FARMS are very fortunate to have the tools we do to make farming a little easier but maintenance is the key to a proper operating farm. If equipment is down the farm is down, and in the farm business time is everything.