Our Story

You wake in the morning and make a decision: be the best or be average. At Evercure Farms we go the extra mile every day to be our best. Founded by friends all caught in mid-life crisis with kids growing up in the shrinking middle class of America. We felt the need to be kids again and tap our inner spirit to spark the joy in doing what we love; growing the finest Cannabis Sativa L in the world. We are surrounded by family, friends, committed professionals, and customers with high standards who value our hand crafted CBD products. The only thing better than our products are all these people that make them possible. Our people are the best!


Our Mission is to re-establish Kentucky’s number one cash crop, Hemp. In doing so, Evercure Farms will invigorate family farms throughout the bluegrass region, battle the opioid crisis, produce the highest quality CBD extractions in the world, and promote natural health and wellness in our community

Core Values

Authenticity, Innovation, Integrity, Openness, Professionalism

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What Makes Us Different

Full Spectrum

Our products contain a full range of natural, cannabidiols and terpenes. These compounds team together to provide therapeutic benefits that are not achieved by separate mixtures. This is better known as the hemp “entourage effect”.

Nature's Flavor

Evercure Farms grows a specialized, high CBD strain of Cannabis Sativa L from all clones ensuring maximum yield and quality. Our extracts are derived from the hemp flowers only; no seeds, stems, or leaves. As a result, there is no need to mask our product with artificial flavors. Evercure CBD is bottled with its all natural, signature fruit flavored finish.

Gently Extracted

Our CBD products are created using an organic, cold ethanol extraction process. Organic sugarcane ethanol is showered over the flowers to remove the plant compounds while maintaining their symmetry in solution. The result is a superior extract whose smell and taste matches the fruitiness of the plant in the field…this is part of the Evercure Difference. CO2 machines break down the plant material using high pressure that rings compounds out of the plant in stages compromising the integrity of natures recipe. All the compounds are mixed back together after CO2 extraction and homogenized using an Ethanol solution. When C02 extractions are reconstituted into a full spectrum extract the proportions of plant compounds generally change so nature’s flavor is lost.

Third Party Certified

Throughout the production process, Evercure Farms subjects its product to rigorous testing. All plant material and extracts are tested from start to finish by independent laboratories. Each bottle of EvercureCBD extract comes with a certified copy of the cannabidiol and terpene profile, ensuring that legal compliance and our high quality standards are satisfied.

Our Daily Affirmation

We believe…
in Moonshots and taking necessary risks
that collaboration is a must
in order to be successful we must strive to achieve ever expanding goals
in faith, enthusiasm, and the power of positive thinking
success is achieved through action
in using our collective imagination and the power of creativity
cannabis is nature’s healing leaf so we only grow Kentucky Fine, Bluegrass Made Hemp in its natural environment.

Kentucky Grown
Hemp Products

Full Spectrum Oil

1200mg CBD

Made exclusively from the flowers of our Kentucky grown RX Cherry hemp plants harvested in 2018. Our 40mg per 1ml all-natural CBD oil has a higher potency for maximum effectiveness

evercure CBD oil bottle

Full Spectrum Oil

600mg CBD

Our Full Spectrum, 20mg per 1ml CBD Oil was derived exclusively from the flowers of our plants through an organic (non-CO2) ethanol extraction process.

Tea Tree Topical

2oz Topical

The Evercure CBD twist-up Topical is a Kentucky Fine product containing 250mg of full spectrum CBD derived exclusively from Hemp Flowers.

Cherry Pie Lip Balm

.15oz Lip Balm

Evercure CBD lip balm is made with Kentucky Fine ingredients and is more than moisturizing. The full spectrum of CBD, Vitamin E, and Omega hemp oils promotes renewal of chapped lips.

Picture of Vanilla Booyah lip balm

Vanilla Booyah Lip Balm

.15oz Lip Balm

Evercure CBD lip balm is made with Kentucky Fine ingredients and is more than moisturizing. The full spectrum of CBD, Vitamin E, and Omega hemp oils promotes renewal of chapped lips.